Iowa Support Master

by Alft & Wilson Publishing

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Iowa Support Master is the Iowa Child Support Guidelines software program by Alft & Wilson Publishing. We guarantee that Iowa Support Master will produce accurate results. Judges, lawyers and legal assistants all across Iowa and surrounding states rely on Iowa Support Master.

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We are aware that a competitor claims to have replaced our software. This claim is false. We have not been replaced and we certainly are not a "third-party" software. Thank you to all our users who have reached out to us out of concern. If you want to know why Iowa Support Master is the most used Iowa child support calculation software, Click Here. We take phone calls every day, including weekends. Check out our Special Ops and Analysis Page. Nobody does what we do. Learn more...

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As you may know, we provide a free, estimate of Iowa child support. We are now providing a free, client referral service. To sign up to be listed for free client referrals, open the 2019 program and click on the "HELP" button.

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Iowa Support Master Child Support Guidelines Software

Iowa Support Master is a child support guidelines calculation software program. We were the very first software program released in Iowa in April, 1994. Since then, our user base has expanded across Iowa and into neighboring states. Today, we estimate that more than 2,500 judges, lawyers, law clerks, legal assistants, secretaries and law students rely on Iowa Support Master to calculate child support and our support is second to none. Calls are answered live 24/7 both for tech support and guidelines assistance.

If you have never used Iowa Support Master, contact us. We will provide the program to you to try out at no charge.


There's a reason why so many rely on Iowa Support Master. Find out why today!